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Aug 08

Monday Fun!

Time to bring on some more smiles and laughs. I had to post this video which shows how I feel when I finally make it home at night just in time for dinner… AllAces Plumbing Las Vegas and Pahrump

Jul 31

Sunday Fun!

Just wanted to take a break from all the plumbing talk and see what kind of good, fun videos were out there. Its always a good idea to take a break, read a book, watch a movie, spend some time with the family and of course browse the you-tube videos for something to make people …

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Jul 01

Everyone needs to smile once in a while!

Pet and animal videos are one of the best things out there to put a smile on any ones face. In celebration of the great 4th of July weekend, we would like to put a smile on every ones face!   AllAces Plumbing Las Vegas and Pahrump

Nov 07

Cats favorite activity?

I think animal videos are the best catagories out there to bring smiles to peoples faces. Here is a video showing a cat infatuated with the flushing of a toilet…     This has nothing to do with plumbing, but geeeez guys, sometimes you have to let it go!