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Nov 16

AllAces Plumbing Updated Website!

  Here at AllAces Plumbing we have been hard at work to get the website updated. We wanted to take advantage of some of the newest technologies out there that would enable us to share content easier, make the site easier to read, especially on mobile devices and to try and bring new people to …

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Jun 21

Slow draining sink?

Received a call for slow draining sinks all throughout the house. Once I got onsite, I checked the master bath sinks, while the right sink wasn’t too bad, the left sink hardly drained at all. After pulling the pop up drain stopper, I noticed how bad the pop up was covered with soap scum, hair …

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Jun 20

Handyman worked on wrong toilet!!

We received a call last week from an existing client that an upstairs water leak was causing damage. Regrettably we couldn’t get there due to being out of town. The clients friend offered a plumbing company that he used so the client accepted. I contacted her on Monday and offered to come by and look …

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Jun 20

Unlicensed contractor or handyman work?

I pray no licensed company would ever do anything like this. The first picture shows the T&P drain almost with a p-trap and quite a bit of back grade for absolutely no reason. All they had to do is tighten the T&P valve a little bit more so that the nipple attached to the valve …

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Aug 21

USA made toilets suck??!!!

With the Japan based company acquiring American Standard, which was imported any ways, we decided to revisit looking into American made toilets… again. After looking online to find which manufacturers were making toilets in the US, we found Briggs and Mansfield. I spent over a week so far contacting the manufacturer, the rep agents and …

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Jun 05

Big Bug!

After being called to a home to install a new sink faucet, I stumbled upon this little monster. Its amazing how often I run across these guys in my daily adventures. Here in Las Vegas and Pahrump I run into them in pump houses, water meter boxes, shut off boxes or as in this case, …

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Feb 15

AllAces Plumbing Comments!

We have now updated our comments section to better be able to handle any customer reviews and comments. We should be able to post these comments immediately and they are quite a bit easier to read! AllAces Plumbing Comments!

Jan 02

Southwest Gas Water Heater Rebate

Southwest gas has now approved their water heater rebate program for the 2012 year. They are giving $100 in rebates for any new water with an energy efficiency greater than .62. They are also giving a rebate of $200 for any tankless water heater installation. These rebates will be effective for 2012 or until the …

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Oct 18

AllAces Plumbing Gallery now UP!

We just uploaded a few images of some of the work we have completed in Las Vegas. Take a look! AllAces Las Vegas Plumbing Gallery

Jul 27

Mansfield toilets VS Sterling toilets!

We had a call where a apartment manager was having problems with a toilet in one of his units. He lived in the unit himself for a period of time and stated he had problems with the toilet while he stayed there. He wanted me to change out the flapper to see if that would …

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