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Mar 25

Toilet Leak is Naaassty!

Recently had a toilet leak we needed to go check out.   Upon arriving and looking at the base of the toilet with the pounds of silicone around it, I could see the sludge just itching to get out from under the toilet and start attacking. You can tell the whoever installed this toilet wasn’t …

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Dec 12

AllAces Plumber attacked by Dog!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] We had a client today that noticed a major leak in his front yard so he had to turn off the main water supply to his house until we could get out there and check things out.   It appears that a tree was planted right on top of the water main coming …

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Nov 16

AllAces Video Camera Sewer in Las Vegas!

We were currently contacted to video camera a sewer in Las Vegas due to a constant back up problem into the home. Once we arrived, we quickly got out the tools, opened the cleanout and sent the camera down to take a gander!     We immediately ran into a blockage that stopped any further …

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Jun 21

Slow draining sink?

Received a call for slow draining sinks all throughout the house. Once I got onsite, I checked the master bath sinks, while the right sink wasn’t too bad, the left sink hardly drained at all. After pulling the pop up drain stopper, I noticed how bad the pop up was covered with soap scum, hair …

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Jun 20

Unlicensed contractor or handyman work?

I pray no licensed company would ever do anything like this. The first picture shows the T&P drain almost with a p-trap and quite a bit of back grade for absolutely no reason. All they had to do is tighten the T&P valve a little bit more so that the nipple attached to the valve …

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Jun 17

Who Cant Install a Moen Posi-Temp Cartridge?

Evidently someone can’t! I received a call saying the shower didn’t work right. When they turned the shower handle, it would get either extremely cold or extremely hot. After arriving, I noticed the handle was upside down right off the bat and said uh-oh. This is a pretty good sign that whoever worked on the …

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Jun 15

Caught in the TRAP!

Got a call for a job where homeowner was saying their Reverse Osmosis system kept spitting up water at the air gap on the reverse osmosis dispenser plus some other water spots appearing under the kitchen sink. Once I got there, I tested the kitchen faucet and the reverse osmosis, splashed water around the sink …

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Aug 11

Shower Body Sprays

Wanted to post some information on some new shower body sprays we installed for one of our clients. The body sprays have been around for a while although of somewhat pretty limited use. The advantages of the shower body sprays is you get more water coverage and in more areas of your body. This can …

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Aug 09

Urinal in the bathroom?

Why not?!! In over 20 years of plumbing, I have never had to plumb for urinal in a residential home. For the first time, we had a homeowner that requested it. After the installation and testing the fixture, I can understand it now. He requested a special wall mounted faucet instead of a flushometer type …

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Aug 05

Major Water Leak!

We had a call from a company that stated their water bill went from 5,000 gallons one month to 70,000 gallons the next month and asked if could take a look at the property. After arriving we checked out the water meter and noticed the indicator was spinning constantly. After looking inside and insuring that …

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