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Las Vegas Water Heaters

Las Vegas, Nevada: (702) 883-0121

Pahrump, Nevada: (775) 537-6229

Las Vegas Water Heater

AllAces Plumbing, LLC will diagnose and analyze any water heater problems that may occur, wether it be a simple thermocouple, replacing an element, changing out a thermostat or completely changing out the water heater and looking in to your electric hot water heater problems, AllAces Plumbing will find the best service and the best money saving deal for you by constantly checking with suppliers and vendors and always seeking the lowest prices available. We cover all of the Las Vegas and surrounding areas including Pahrump!

Typically, each new water heater needs the following in order to be compliant with code…

* Earthquake straps (Seat belt looking strap around water heater)

* Gas Drip leg (black iron fittings at gas control valve with a nipple sticking from bottom to collect debris and oils)

* Properly connected T&P drain, with grade to the connection at the wall (typically a flex connector from valve at heater to the wall connection)

* Proper venting (Either metal bvent, flex vent or approved ABS/ PVC installation)

* Water heater drain pan with piping to floor (Optional in most circumstances, but highly recommended)

We can verify your water heater warranty on AO Smith, Rheem, Bradford White, State, American or any other heater you may have installed.

We specialize in the new Tankless water heater installs which may qualify for a Federal Tax Rebate and/or local Rebates. Some of the benefits of a Tankless gas heater are lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs and a great warranty package.

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