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Soft Water System

Las Vegas, Nevada: (702) 883-0121

Pahrump, Nevada: (775) 537-6229

AllAces Plumbing, LLC can install a new soft water unit in homes with or without pre-exisiting soft water loops. We can also diagnose and analyze any problems occuring with an existing soft water system. AllAces is vigilant in providing you with the lowest prices available by checking with their vendors and insuring those price savings are passed on to you.

We only use the best top rated systems and products including the Pentair Fleck 5600SXT! The top rated controller in the industry! Made in America with a great warranty package!

* Fleck 5600SXT metered control regenerates based on water usage. A built in capacitor prevents power outage resets.

* 48,000 grains capacity (1.5 cubic feet). The softening resins we offer are a high quality 8% bead strength rating and are certified by the Water Quality Association.

* Control valve and salt tank have a 5 year warranty.

* The resin tank has a lifetime warranty.

* Rated flow rate is 13 gpm at 15 psi drop.

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