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Las Vegas, Nevada: (702) 883-0121

Pahrump, Nevada: (775) 537-6229


AllAces Plumbing, LLC can service your toilet by replacing integral toilet parts that keep it running! If your toilet has seen its last days, AllAces Plumbing can repair a toilet, fix a toilet, install a toilet or replace it. As always, AllAces keeps your cost in mind and aims to keep that price as low as possible. We always check current pricing and specials with our vendors to insure that the clients get the best deals possible.

We work with all top brand name manufacturers like Zurn, American Standard, Kohler, Mansfield, Toto and Briggs and can find you the best deal possible on any brand or model that may suit you.

Take advantage of the new 3″ and 4″ flush valve technologies that make it possible for you to never have to experience a backed up toilet again!

We can repair most toilets, saving the customer quite a lot by rebuilding the toilet tank with new Fluidmaster parts including fill valves, flush valves, toilet tank bolts and tank to bowl gaskets. This essentially gives the client a new toilet at a very low price!


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